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Patient Testimonials

I was to the point of having to use a walker at times because my hip was so painful and I could no longer climb stairs. Dr. Cien answered all of my questions about the surgery and set my mind at ease. He's not in a rush like some doctors, he is very caring and professional. I had my hip replacement on April 29, 2019. After the surgery I was up and walking and climbing stairs within a couple hours of the surgery! I was amazed. My physical therapist was also amazed with the speed of my recovery and the fact that I had no post-surgery restrictions. Since the surgery I have had two follow-up visits and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I highly recommend Dr. Cien. He and his team were fantastic!

Ratings Tehra Qualls | Oct 31, 2019

Dr Cien has been great all the way through my knee issue. Easy going, easy to understand instructions; explains things in a manner you can understand. I feel he really is concerned for your well being, progress and healing. I would definitely recommend Dr Cien to anyone with a knee issue.

Ratings Bernard Blanda | Oct 30, 2019

Had total knee replacement surgery on May 1st and was up walking that afternoon. Started PT 2 days later and was walking without cane/walker within 2 weeks. Very pleased so far with recovery & follow up appointments. Never feel rushed during office visits & Dr. Cien takes time to listen to all my concerns. Explained fully amount of time needed for full recovery & abilities after surgery. Would highly recommend.

Ratings Vicki N | Sep 05, 2019

Dr. Cien is great. I had hip replacement in May and I'm doing great. I do not have any restrictions. I had my other hip done by a different doctor and I have restrictions and it still pains me. Thank God I was referred to Dr. Cien.

Ratings Roberta | Sep 04, 2019

Very pleased with my knee replacement. I was up and walking the same day as surgery.

Ratings Patrick Szucs in Mishawaka , IN | Jul 24, 2019

And as a final word, you will only get better when you go for complete recovery through hard work, and as a side note, I have never been to re-hab, as I did it the way I thought best based on literature provided me by Dr. Cien’s office.

Ratings Paul Williams | Jul 20, 2019

I have had two hips replaced by Dr Cien and his team. I was treated with respect and care. I felt as if everyone made it their priority that I would have the best outcome possible, be well informed, and comfortable.

Ratings Janis E | Jul 12, 2019

I was referred to Dr. Cien for a hip replacement in February He answered all of my questions, explained my options and was very personable. He is very knowledgeable and skillful. I had a hip replacement and it has healed very well. His follow up was great and I would recommend Dr. Cien to anyone. Thank you for your excellent care Dr. Cien!

Ratings Debbie J in South Bend, IN | Jun 13, 2019

Dr. Cien was my doctor for a hip replacement on May 8, 2019. He was very professional and personal. To-date I have absolutely no issues and the physical therapist thinks I am doing great. I am so satisfied with him as a surgeon. I would recommend him to anybody including family members for a hip replacement.

RatingsLaurel R in Bridgman, MI | Jun 07, 2019

I had months of pain from a torn meniscus. Dr. Cien got my surgery scheduled right away. I had no pain after surgery and am now able to move my knee normally with no pain. Dr. Cien was very friendly, kind and professional. I highly recommend him.

Ratings Anonymous | May 24, 2019

I had a fractured knee and shoulder and Dr. Cien saw me through that healing process. I appreciated his skill very much. Not only a great doctor but a very kind man. I will definitely recommend him if I have a chance.

Ratings C.G in South Bend, IN | May 16, 2019

Dr Cien just replaced a hip that I had put in 33 years ago. He is amazing. Great job, incision healed in 2 weeks, off pain meds in 1 week, walking without a cane in less than 3 weeks. I highly recommend Dr Cien.

Ratings Anonymous | Apr 12, 2019

Dr Cien did an amazing job when my husband broke both knees. He took the time to explain everything and answered any questions we had. Would highly recommend him!

RatingsTeri T in Mishawaka, IN | Feb 11, 2019

Dr. Cien was very down to Earth and made me feel very at ease from the moment I met him. I had shattered my left knee and shin and also broken my right knee. I am very confident with my outcome after surgery. I’m doing better everyday and every check up seems to be better and more progressive news on my recovery. Great Doctor.

Ratings Ash T in Mishawaka , IN |  Feb 11, 2019

Dr. Cien provided me with cutting edge techniques for my hip replacement that allowed me to have my PT time reduced. My recovery was faster and the pain was kept at a minimum. I can't recommend highly enough. He is caring, listens to his patients and provides fantastic care.

RatingsMark M in South Bend, IN |  Feb 06, 2019

Dr. Cien is a fantastic doctor and person. I appreciate the fact that he does not have his hand on the doorknob as you are asking questions at your appointment. He sits down and talks to you about each aspect of the process. He is very personable and a real person. Thank you for all you've done!

Ratings Angie A in La Porte, IN |  Dec 29, 2018

Dr. Cien is an excellent physician. He is thorough, knowledgeable and explains the option for treatment extremely well. My daughter who is an occupational therapist at St. Joe Med Center recommended him to me when I started having trouble with my knee. Her observation was that his patients recovered quicker than most after surgery. I'm thrilled with her recommendation and will not hesitate to recommend Dr. Cien to any of my family and friends seeking treatment. Thanks again!

RatingsKathy V in Buchanan, MI | Dec 23, 2018

We highly recommend Dr Cien. I had total knee replacement a month ago and I saw him yesterday for my first post surgery visit and I am doing great. He made the whole process smooth and almost easy. He explained everything very well before the surgery, took his time talking to us before and after the surgery. He was never in a hurry.

RatingsMary in South Bend, IN | Dec 20, 2018

Dr. Cien is a very "up" person. He smiles, laughs and jokes with you. He always shakes your hand before and after the visit. He takes his time with you and asks if you have any questions and answers them. He is familiar with the latest types of hip surgeries and will explain them to you and suggests which one he feels would be best for you. I am very pleased with the results of my surgery, and have recommended him to a few friends already, and will continue to do so in the future.

RatingsM. Vincent | Dec 07, 2018

Dr. Cien helped me with my arthritic hip. He was able to do it through his new superior approach and I was walking the same day of surgery! I couldn't be happier with my outcome. I recommend him to all my friends and family. Great bedside manner.

Ratings Tim in Granger, IN |  Nov 26, 2018

Dr. Cien was absolutely fantastic to work with and I'm so very pleased with the repair he made on my broken hip/femur. I would highly recommend him. Excellent service and bedside manner.

Ratings Katie E in LaPorte, IN |  Nov 21, 2018

Meticulous, thorough, friendly, timely yet not rushed; great leader over a great operating team. Inspired confidence and delivered exceptional results.

RatingsDawn M |  Jul 21, 2018