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Healthcare News

  • Robotic hip exoskeleton shows promise for helping stroke patients regain their stride

    More than 80% of stroke survivors experience walking difficulty, significantly impacting their daily lives, independence, and overall quality of life. Now, new research from the University of Massachusetts Amherst pushes forward the bounds of stroke recovery with a unique robotic hip exoskeleton designed as a training tool to improve walking function.

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  • Mapping blood vessel network of the meniscus with high precision

    Knee operations on the meniscus cartilage are a frequent procedure on a particularly complex part of the human body. Empa researchers want to provide an improved basis for clinicians in order to reduce the risks of the operation. Using 3D models based on micro-computed tomography analyses in the laboratory, they are mapping the blood vessel network of the meniscus on a nanometer scale.

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  • Should all patients aged 75 years or older receive cemented femoral components for primary THA?

    Since the advent of the modern THA in the 1960s, it has been a life-changing surgical procedure with overwhelmingly successful results.

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  • 11 Potential Causes of Knee Pain After Working Out

    Experiencing mild knee pain or discomfort after a workout is common, but if it becomes persistent, it could be a more serious problem. There are several potential causes, including ligament tears, osteoarthritis, and runner's knee. The course of treatment will depend on your diagnosis.

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  • Causes and treatment of inner thigh pain

    Pain in the inner thigh can happen for many reasons, including a muscle strain, a hernia, and kidney stones. The treatment will depend on the cause, but resting and applying warm or cool compresses may help.

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  • Why Do My Knees Hurt When I Run? 6 Reasons

    Whether you're new to running or a veteran marathoner, you may wonder, "Why do my knees hurt when I run?" Causes of knee pain after running can range from runner's knee to having poor form while running to wearing the wrong shoe for your foot shape and stride.

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  • Causes of hip and groin pain, and how to treat them

    Hip and groin pain may result from injuries, such as a fracture or tear, or underlying conditions, such as endometriosis. Home remedies can help manage the pain, alongside seeking medical attention for underlying causes.

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  • Causes and treatments for burning in the knee

    A burning pain or sensation can occur in the knee after a trauma, overuse injury, or strain. Rest, ice, over-the-counter medication, and a knee support may help relieve symptoms, but some people may need medical treatment.

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  • 8 Exercises to Stretch and Strengthen Your Psoas Muscle

    Your psoas muscle is one of your hip flexors that lifts your thigh. When this muscle is too tight or weak, it can result in muscle imbalances that cause pain or hinder your ability to walk. Learn more about the role of the psoas muscle and exercises to stretch and strengthen it.

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  • 10 Exercises to Help Relieve Knee Pain

    Gentle stretching and other low impact exercises can strengthen the muscles that support your knee joint. Start by stretching your heel, calf, quadriceps, and hamstrings, and work up to half squats, calf raises, and other leg lift variations.

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