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Healthcare News

  • New study finds personalized rehabilitation may be needed to effectively address chronic knee pain

    Neal Glaviano, assistant professor of kinesiology in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, has discovered that rehabilitation to address chronic knee pain may not be targeting all the right muscles.

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  • Hip arthroplasty can be 'appropriately considered' for nonagenarians

    Patients ³90 years old have higher complication and mortality rates following THA, as compared with younger patients. But while age is a significant factor, the risks associated with THA in nonagenarians are largely related to the patient's overall health and fitness for surgery, according to the new research by Dr. Vincent J. Leopold, MD, and colleagues of the Charité-University Hospital Berlin.

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  • Hip Replacement Surgery: Recovery

    Recovery after hip replacement surgery usually takes around six to eight weeks.1 However, some people may have more extended recovery periods due to advanced age, activity level before surgery, or co-existing health conditions.

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  • What Are Knee Ligament Injuries?

    Ligament injuries in the knee -- such as an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) -- can put you on the sidelines -- fast. They hurt a lot and may limit what you can do. But more often than not, a comeback may still be possible. Treatment is more successful than it once was.

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  • Knee Braces for Running: Should You Use One?

    Knee issues can be a common inconvenience for those who do much running. Many runners have decided to use the numerous braces available online and over the counter. You may wonder if these knee braces help the knee or prevent the development of knee issues.

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  • Easy Stretches for Hip Pain

    Hamstring stretches, hip flexor stretches, straight leg raises, and bridges are just some of the exercises and stretches for hip pain. By keeping your hip joint limber and strong, you can improve your mobility, help with hip range of motion, and alleviate pain.

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  • Knee Pain at Night: Causes and Treatment

    Knee pain at night is a common discomfort that can be caused by injury, arthritis, bursitis, gout, and more. This pain at bedtime is not only frustrating but also can lead to pain-induced insomnia, which can leave you exhausted during the day.

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  • 6 Causes of Hip Pain at Night

    Hip pain at night can make it more difficult to sleep, but the effects don't stop there. Twisting and turning to find a more comfortable position to sleep in combined with lack of sleep can contribute to health and quality of life issues that you experience during the day, too.

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  • How Shin Splints Are Treated

    Treatments for shin splints include home remedies, activity modification, medications, and physical therapy. In rare cases, a healthcare provider may recommend procedures such as prolotherapy (an injectable treatment) and extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) (a noninvasive treatment) for shin splints.

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  • 4 Hip-Strengthening Exercises

    Hip-strengthening exercises can be incredibly beneficial if you are dealing with hip pain or weakness due to an injury, surgery, or chronic condition like hip arthritis. They are also useful for conditioning the hip muscles if you are a runner, weight lifter, older adult, or you wan to improve your balance, stability, or mobility.

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